Midday Menu


The price is per person.
Option of coffee or dessert. Valid from Monday to Saturday at midday.

Sealed and Marinated Eggplant

With Trout and Sole Mousse, with Panela Cheese, au Gratin.

Egg´s Dough Crepe With Spinach and Chicken

With Creamy Ricotta cheese and Ginger.

Chef´s  Salad

Arúgula, orange, melon, Carrot, Grated and Pesto.

Main Courses

Veal Breaded with Panko and Seeds´s Croûte

On Top of Emulsion  Potatos purée.

Fishing Day served with Coriander and Lime

Garnished with Potato Medallion and Griddle Tomato.

Chicken Caprese Style

Garnished with Eggplants Purée.

Fettucini with Bróccoli, Cherry Tomato and Rosemary

With Olive oil and Garlic.

Desserts or Coffee

Mesclún of Fresh Seasonal Fruits

American Ice Cream

with Orange Sauce.

Opening Hours

Open every day
Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm to 2 am.
Friday and Saturday from 12 to 3 am.


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Phone. 54 9 11 4331.3669
Whatsapp: +54 9 11 4062-1293


Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1082,
Puerto Madero,
Buenos Aires, Argentina