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Wines Tasting


Wine Tasting


Our sommelier will guide you though the different grapes, blends, vins  and their main characteristics that make this delicious drink so special.

Choose your favorite winery among our wine list and discover the history and secrets of each winery together with our sommelier.

Different Regions
A visit through our country: Mendoza, Catamarca, San Juan,  Calchaquíes Valley, Río Negro…., who produces their own grapes.

Charmat vs Champegnoise
The differents styles and all you need to know about its bubles and new trends.




We have developed a wine tasting system for tourist agencies.

Those Exclusive Wine Tastings offer to their clients to discover the fascinating world of wine together with its different bouquet and variety that our wine list offers. Our sommelier will guide them through the different grapes, blends, vins and their main characteristics that make this delicious drink so special. As will as their can discover the histories and secrets of the best wineries of our country.
In adition to, they will made a visit round our country: Patagonia, Cuyo and Cafayate, the territories to produces the best grapes of Argentina.