House Specials


Burrata cheese, garnished with parma’s ham, arugula, dehydrated tomato and black olives
Avocado, cherry tomato, endives, prawns, apples, mango and green leaves.
Seasoned with a vinaigrette with Balsamic vinegar, honey, nuts and capers

Mediterranean tian, shrimps, smoked salmon, avocado, palm hearts, chopped tomato and apple
Dressing with creamy pink Martini sauce and crispy seeds shower

Scallops with saffron, sauteed in olive oil, echalotes, sliced garlic, Chardonnay, ne herbs and chilli
Served in crispy nest of lo dough


Buck sirloin ambed with Cognac, served with passion fuirt sauce
Garnished with asparagus and pears in Calvados liquor and cardamom

Ocean and land tasting, prawns, octopus and frog, with sh fumet
Garnished with asiatic rice noodles served with dill and ginger sauce

Stuffed rabbit with musseline of dry funghi and tomato, caramel onion, coriander and nuts
Garnished with funghi sauteed and crushed andinian potatoes

Sirloin tournedo served with echalottes and Malbec sauce, cooked in it’s juice, au gratin with alioli sauce, crispy bacon and mix of seeds
Garnished with mushrooms ragu, endives and minibrochettes of verdures

Green and sepia fettuccini with shrimps and scallops
Cooked in saffron sh fumet and colours of vegetables