Chocolate or caramel volcano, “Puerto Cristal Style”
Stuffed with fruits, flambed in Cointreau with lemon ice cream 

Apple pancake flambed with rhum 

 Madrilean cold custard
Spanish cream custards 

 Floating Island
Spanish cream custard, caramel meringue and candied almonds 

Our tiramisú 

 Creme brûlé tasting
Caramel, vanilla and chocolate 

Champagne sabayon 

Warm brownie with ice cream 

Chocolate Mousse 

Lemon ice-cream with champagne Crêpe “Tafi del Valle”
With ice-cream, orange sauce, almonds, kiwi, and strawberries 

Delights from the maitre
With strawberries ,ice-cream, tiny meringues, orange sauce, and almonds. 

Swiss-style strawberries
With ice-cream, cream, lemon juice, black pepper and kirsch 

Mousse trifle
Chocolate and jewly milk mousse, catalonian cream and fruits jams, blended with a glass of Malamado Malbec. 

Desserts Tasting
Mini chocolate Vulcano, lemon curd, strawberries with Chantilly, apple crumble, ice cream and chocolate ganache (To share) 

 Fruit’s plate 

Vendôme strawberries
With ice- cream, sabayon and walnuts 

 Gâtêau with frozen creams 

“Puerto Cristal” dessert
With strawberries, kiwi, ice cream, caramel, grated chocolate and Kirsch Liquor 

Tendency of Desserts
White chocolate cake
Garnished with seasonal fruits 

Brochette from flambed fruits
With Martini, served with warm chocolate sauce and sabayon sauce