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Welcome to Puerto Cristal the best proposal in Puerto Madero, the most beautiful and safe area in Buenos Aires.

The modern and elegant environment, preserves the original structure of the antique warehouses of the Buenos Aires Port, with the warmness of the original wood in the ceilings, and the solid structure of the iron columns that provide support since the origins.

Puerto Cristal has increased its prestige, based on the quality and the freshness of the dishes, as well as on the service and caring attention.


Our wine list


In Puerto Cristal you could enjoy different kind of specialities in fish, sea food, home made pasta, Argentinian classics meat cuts and a suggest with poultry meat cuts, together with a select wine list with 500 labels prize-winning with the Excellence Award granted for Wine Spectator.


The new menu of Puerto Cristal, show of with pride the celiac logotype, it´s identify the appropriate celiacs foods, applying an strict security protocol at the handling raw material without gluten and proposing flavorfull dishes until the detail of a breadbox specify for celiac people.

The comfort of a unique place, the warmth of being home.